USD 231

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick Prutsman, Automotive Technology Instructor at Gardner Edgerton High School, for being nominated AND selected as this week's Great Employees Serving the District award winner! Nick is being recognized as a result of consistently demonstrating the ability to connect with students and always exceeding expectations as they relate to serving our student body, fellow employees, and the community at large.

Specifically, "Nick is a sponsor for the Car Club, Fishing Club, and most recently Powder Puff. Powder Puff was short a sponsor on a Saturday. After he spent all day working the Robert Cook Memorial Scholarship Car Show, he made himself available so they could practice. He regularly gives his time after hours to encourage student success and engagement. Nick regularly gets requests at the end of the school day from students that have a dead battery or are locked out of their car. Nick always makes sure these students are taken care of and they know what they should do to make it home safely. He has built an amazing program that offers students certifications and uses his own personal connections in the industry to coordinate donations from companies like Ford and Toyota. Nick is very humble and there are countless stories of Nick going above and beyond for students that you will never hear from him. I have heard several stories from a student or parent who share how well Nick exemplifies an amazing, dedicated, and passionate teacher." ~ Jessi Lane, Automotive Collision Repair Instructor

Congratulations, Nick!

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