Extended School Year

When the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed initially or reviewed annually, the IEP team considers the need for extended school year (ESY) services for students with disabilities (not gifted). Extended school year services are different than summer school and may or may not be provided in conjunction with the general education summer school.

ESY is an extension of the school term and is designed for the purpose of addressing the individual needs of students whose education will be "significantly" jeopardized if the student is not provided an extended educational program during the summer break. An ESY program is not intended to replicate the traditional school day and students' experiences during the fall and spring semester of a school year. For questions regarding ESY, please contact your student's building IEP case manager.

Students who do not meet eligibility for ESY services (education would not be "significantly" jeopardized) may enroll independent of the IEP in the district's general education summer school program to the extent that the program is appropriate. For more information on the district's general education summer, please contact GEYCP.