Gardner Edgerton USD 231 serves the communities of Gardner and Edgerton in the southwest corner of Johnson County, Kansas. At the heart of two growing communities, Gardner Edgerton schools currently house approximately 6,100 students. The district includes seven elementary schools (PreK - 4), three middle schools (5 - 8), and one high school (9 - 12). 

Gardner Edgerton is home to state-of-the-art facilities, technology resources for students and staff, and a professional development program that serves both new and veteran educators. Gardner Edgerton is home to four National Blue Ribbon Schools and competes academically at regional, state, and national competitions.


meeting the economic needs of our state. Last year, hundreds of our students participated in work-based learning experiences, and almost as many participated in career competition events. 

providing opportunities for career exploration and professional development. Hundreds of our high school students are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education class, and nearly as many participated in the state’s eight official Career and Technical Student Organizations, including FFA, FCCLA, and DECA.

 meeting economic needs through increasing graduation rates. The graduation rate for all students is near 98%, and groups that have historically had lower graduation rates, such as students qualifying for free meals, students with disabilities, and students with Limited English Proficiency, have also performed amazingly well.  

supporting military families. Our district will work to meet specific military-friendly criteria with the goal of being honored as a Kansas Purple Star School for our commitment to ensuring that transitions for students of parents in the military are easy and that they remain on track for graduation. 

tailoring education services to our students. In partnership with national experts, Kansas math teachers are developing the Kansas Math Proficiency Project to improve math instruction from Pre-K to Grade 12.

providing summer educational enrichment activities. The “Summer Enrichment” program is low-cost and provides access to a range of activities during the summer. 

promoting early intervention in the reading literacy of all students. New screenings for students with dyslexia, dyslexia training for teachers, and new structured literacy strategies are being implemented in our schools. 

keeping students and adults well-fed. Tens of thousands of meals, including summer and breakfast programs, have been provided to members of our community. Students can’t be successful if they are hungry.

leading the way in educating the students in our community!