The purpose of this committee system is an effort to increase the involvement of board members and patrons in the operation of school district affairs. Most people work better, more enthusiastically, and at a higher level of motivation when they are given a reasonable degree of freedom to act and to contribute. When effective, the participative leadership style of the committee structure can establish a work climate in which the potential power of people is unleashed.


Educational Services Advisory Committee
Board Members: Tresa Boden, Kristen Schultz, and Robin Stout 

Design & Construction Committee
Board Members:  Brandon Parks and Rob Shippy

Finance & Internal Operations Committee
Board Members: Shawn Carlisle and Rob Shippy

 Planning & Facilities Committee
Board Members: Rob Shippy and Lana Sutton

Technology Committee
Board Members: Shawn Carlisle and Brandon Parks 

Wellness Committee
Board Members: Tresa Boden and Kristen Schultz

Legislative Committee
Board Members: Rob Shippy, Robin Stout, and Lana Sutton