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Veterans are men and women who were willing to set aside some years of their lives to perform military service for the United States of America. The job requires personal sacrifice, determination, and courage.

On Veterans Day, the citizenry takes a moment to reflect on the many achievements of our soldiers, seamen, marines, and airmen, first and foremost being that they secured our freedom and way of life.

The veteran has extracted rewards from his and her duty: satisfaction from joining a line of patriots dating back to the colonial militias and training and life experience that will last a lifetime. But the reward that resonates most this day is our saying...


Michael Arel

Captain, U.S. Airforce

Tonya R. Boone

NCOIC of Air Traffic Training & Standardization, U.S. Airforce

Jeff Bubb

US Army 101st Airborne Div. Band & Reserve 312, the Army Band

Matthew Hermann

SGT (US Marine Corp) MOS: 0352 Anti-Tank Assault Guided Missileman

Scott Hofer

US Airforce F-16 Crew Chief & Air Nat. Guard F-16 Crew Chief

Nicholas Johnson

US Army Private First Class (PFC)

Michael Myers

Staff SGT- Platoon SGT

Nicholas Proctor

Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3), Staff Band Officer (SBO) for the 88th RD

Thomas Reddin

US Army-Military Policeman & KS Army Nat. Guard Military Policemen

Steven Smith

1st Battalion, 77th Armored Regiment, Specialist (E4) Infantryman

Nicole Ward

US Army Captain