7th Grade

September Guidance Lesson

7th grade took part in a lesson titled we all fit together.


  • Identify differences in preferences, opinions, needs, values and experiences.
  • Discuss the effect of diversity on conflicts.
  • Perform constructive conflict resolution role-plays.

Training in conflict resolution skills has been shown to reduce the frequency of physical fighting, the form of violence in which young adolescents most often engage.

October Guidance Lesson

7th grade completed a pre and post test activity focused on cyberbullying.


  • Recognize that there is more than one type of cyber bully.
  • Stop and think before they send an email or post something online that might be perceived as harassment.
  • Analyze the personal, social and legal consequences that cyberbullying can have on the life of the bully and the victim.
  • explore ways they can prevent cyberbullying in their school.
  • Understand how peer pressure may put them at risk for being an inadvertent cyberbully without being aware of it.

November Guidance Lesson

7th grade completed a lesson titled The Decision is Yours


  • Recite steps in an effective decision-making model.
  • Define consequences.
  • Discuss why it is important to stop and think about choices and consequences before making a decision.
  • List and discuss the consequences of a variety of decisions.
  • Discuss personal responsibility for making decisions.

Decision making is a crucial skill. Studies show that the ability to stop and think and predict the possible consequences before making a decision helps students to make better decisions about drug use and many other behaviors.