6th Grade

September Guidance Lesson

6th-grade students were taught different approaches to conflict.


  • Define conflict.
  • Differentiate between completing and cooperating in a conflict.
  • Discuss feelings associated with conflict.
  • Identify three approaches to conflict: avoiding it, fighting it out and talking it out
  • Students were taught to go for the win-win when avoiding conflict by acting out scenarios to a conflict in appropriate ways.

October Guidance Lesson

6th grade completed a web quest on the topic of bullying.


  • What is bullying?
  • Three examples of physical and emotional bullying.
  • Take a pledge against bullying behavior
  • What is cyberbullying?
  • Difference between tattling and telling.

November Guidance Lesson

6th grade will complete a lesson geared around mindfulness.


  • To understand the definition of mindfulness and the benefits of practicing it, understand that we can train our attention, demonstrate the ability to use mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing or mindful moment, demonstrate self-discipline and self-control, and demonstrate effective coping skills when faced with a problem.