GESD Recognition (November 13, 2020)

CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler Cordts, Special Education Teacher at GEHS, for being nominated AND selected as this week's Great Employees Serving the District award winner!  Tyler is being recognized as a result of consistently demonstrating the ability to connect with students and always exceeding expectations as they relate to serving our student body, fellow employees, and the community at large.

Specifically, "Tyler’s presence is felt throughout the school because of the numerous roles he takes on. Not only is he a Special Education Teacher but also a Wrestling Coach. When he’s not teaching, I have observed him spending countless hours working on schedules for his wrestlers, helping with service hours, organizing camps, and helping his wrestlers prepare themselves for life after high school with or without wrestling. Aside from his positive influence and interactions with students he also goes above and beyond for his coworkers. He has been involved in organizing several fundraisers for staff members that are going through difficult circumstances. The last golf tournament fundraiser was a huge success and will help the recipient beyond measure. The Gardner Edgerton School District is lucky to have a teacher like Tyler that looks out for its students, staff, and community members the way that he does!"    ~ Ashley Gorney - GEHS Teacher

Congratulations, Tyler!

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