The district follows the philosophy of inclusion for Students with Special Needs. The majority of students receiving special education services are served in their neighborhood school. Students participate in the general education classroom and curriculum to the maximum extent appropriate to meet their individual needs. Interrelated Services through resource room and general education classrooms and resource room settings provide:

  • Opportunities for identified students to receive specialized instruction.
  • Staff work collaboratively with general education teachers to provide appropriate modifications and adaptations to daily assignments and classroom instruction.
  • Students to learn additional study skills, social skills, and prepare for post-secondary living. Programs are also available for those students needing more specialized services.
  • Elementary Life Skills programs at Madison Elementary and Nike Elementary.
  • Secondary Life Skills programs at Wheatridge Middle School, Pioneer Ridge Middle School and Gardner Edgerton High School.
  • Communication classrooms for students with Autism at Madison Elementary and Nike Elementary.
  • Elementary, middle and secondary classrooms serving students with Emotional Disturbance.
  • Gifted and Talented Services

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