Bullying Prevention and Procedures

Let's work together to make schools a positive, safe place for ALL students 


Here's what parents can do:

  • If you suspect your child is bullying, appropriate consequences are important. Monitor their behavior and seek additional services to help your child build appropriate self-awareness and social skills. We can help.
  • If your child is being bullied, prompt reporting is critical. Report a suspected bullying incident to the school principal immediately. You also can consider seeking additional services to help your child build useful skills and feel empowered. We can help.
  • If your child witnesses bullying, talk about the power of standing up for others by being an up-stander, rather than just a bystander. Stress the importance of reporting bullying to a trusted adult.

Here's what students can do:

  • If you are bullying, that’s not okay. Students who bully will receive consequences and be monitored. You can learn better skills so that your needs are met and you can be a true leader.
  • If you feel you’re being bullied, tell the bully to stop and then walk away from the situation. Let an adult know right away – it’s not okay to suffer in silence. We want to listen and help you build confidence and learn skills that can make you feel more in control at school. Report a suspected bullying incident your principal or another trusted adult, or submit a copy of this flowchart [LINK NEEDED] to the school office.
  • If you witness bullying, tell the bully that what they’re doing is not cool. Stand up for others – be an up-stander, not a bystander. Report what you see to an adult. We’ll all work together to make a difference.

Here's what we'll do at school:

  • Any school staff member will respond immediately when witnessing aggression or bullying. They’ll let the aggressor know it’s unacceptable and refer the aggressor for discipline and services.
  • A staff member will respond immediately to the student being bullied, referring that student for services to help build skills and reduce feelings of isolation.
  • As part of the monitoring and follow-up process, a staff member will ask witnesses to report if bullying occurs again.
  • School administrators will follow this flowchart [LINK NEEDED] when a bullying incident is reported.

For more information about bullying prevention and procedures, contact your child's building principal.

Parents and Students:

The Kansas School Safety Hotline — 877-626-8203 — is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give students, parents, and community members the opportunity to anonymously report any bullying, or rumors or threats of school violence.

Useful Links

Kansas Law Flow Chart [LINK NEEDED]

Building Administrators Contact Information [LINK NEEDED]


The Kansas School Safety Hotline is 1-877-626-8203. In these halls, you can be a hero: stop school violence.