USD 231

GEHS Choir students and the Madrigal Ensemble recently participated in the KSHSAA Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival. In a matter of weeks, these students not only learned very challenging pieces, but they also performed them musically with energy and enthusiasm. 

The Madrigal Ensemble has been busy learning eight difficult pieces the past two quarters, and they took two of these songs to Regionals. Their hard work and tenacity paid off and they brought back the highest "Superior" I rating! 

The singers in Madrigals are:
Aubrie Blanz
Conner Booton
Donald Chamber
Brooklyn Drabant
Zach Gunby
Eden Hall
Ryanne Ham
Elaine Jensen
Zach Jewell
Caroline Kuzma
Izi May
Johnny Padigos
Alyssa Ratcliffe
Robert Ratcliffe
Zack Rhodes
Ben Robison
Quinn Rogers
Julia Rollings-South
Sam Scoggins
Jessica Souvannakhot
Liam Strahan
Jacob Venevongsoth

The following students prepared two songs, many in foreign languages (Italian, German, French and Spanish) to compete in the Solo classification: 

Charlie McGill- I Superior Rating
Elaine Jensen- II Excellent Rating
Samantha Scoggins- I Superior Rating
Jessica Souvannakhot- I Superior Rating
Aneko Havener- II Excellent Rating
Jack Lloyd- I Superior Rating
Ryanne Ham- II Excellent Rating
Emmaleigh Wiehn- I Superior Rating
Johnny PadigosI Superior Rating
Jacob Venevongsoth- I Superior Rating
Julia Rollings-SouthI Superior Rating
Alaina Collier- II Excellent Rating
Gabe Biggs- II Excellent Rating
Aubrie Blanz- II Excellent Rating
Anabelle Lindblom- II Excellent Rating

The bolded names advance to State on Saturday, April 30th. Wish them luck!

Please congratulate all of these students on their hard work paid off!