USD 231

Students in the GEHS Gifted program traveled to Pittsburg, Kansas to compete in the Pitt State Math Relays. Every student placed in one way or another; medals were awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places; full results are below.

Grade 10

Algebraic Word Problems
Delaney Privat placed 4th, Robert Ratcliffe tied for 5th, Lenora Little tied for 5th

Algebraic Simplifications
Josie Pemberton tied for 8th

Computational Math
Robert Ratcliffe placed 3rd, Josie Pemberton tied for 4th

Lenora Little placed 5th

Grade 11

Algebraic Simplifications
Brayden Byars tied for 4th

Brayden Byars tied for 7th

Grade 12

Algebraic Equations and Inequalities
Jackson Holle tied for 1st, Jamie Pemberton tied for 2nd

Computational Math
Jamie Pemberton tied for 3rd, Russell Shute placed 4th

Jamie Pemberton placed 5th, Russell Shute tied for 7th

Logic & Set Theory
Jackson Holle placed 2nd

Number Theory
Jackson Holle placed 3rd

Torin Wilson placed 9th

Probability & Statistics
Torin Wilson placed 6th

Team Events - Relays comprised of 4 team members

Algebra Medley
Team tied for 7th: Brayden Byars, Josie Pemberton, Delanay Privat, Lenora Little

Team placed 5th: Jamie Pemberton, Jackson Holle, Torin Wilson, Russell Shute