USD 231

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah Cook, ELL teacher at Trail Ridge Middle School, for being nominated AND selected as this week's Great Employees Serving the District award winner! Sarah is being recognized as a result of consistently demonstrating the ability to connect with students and always exceeding expectations as they relate to serving our student body, fellow employees, and the community at large.

Specifically, "A TRMS student was demonstrating strengths in the areas of Family and Consumers Sciences. Mrs. Cook, one of this student's long-time teachers recognized this passion and arranged a visit to the GEHS culinary program. Sarah accompanied the student on the tour. This laid the groundwork for future success and this student is currently excelling as a freshman in the program. Recently, he prepared an amazing omelet. This is just one example of how Mrs. Cook goes above and beyond to meet her students' individual needs AND interests!"  ~ John Martin, Principal at Trail Ridge Middle School

Congratulations, Sarah!

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