USD 231

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick Corn, Special Education Teacher at Moonlight Elementary, for being nominated AND selected as this week's Great Employees Serving the District award winner! Nick is being recognized as a result of consistently demonstrating the ability to connect with students and always exceeding expectations as they relate to serving our student body, fellow employees, and the community at large.

Specifically, "Nick works very hard every school year and strives to form a genuine connection with all children, even if they aren’t in the RISE program. Mr. Corn is proactive and always puts the children’s needs first. He has really started to come out of his shell compared to his first year in the district. Mr. Corn has been a mentor to me. Nick consistently goes out of his way to help us grow in my position as a paraeducator and as a person in general!"  ~ Martha Anderson, Shan Grey, Erin Riebel - Co-Workers

Congratulations, Nick!

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