USD 231

GEHS Senior, Kaden Armstrong, has been named as one of only fifty Kansas high school seniors as a 2021 Kansas Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholars, the Kansas State Department of Education announced Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

The Kansas CTE Scholar program is an opportunity to recognize well-rounded outstanding CTE students who are finishing their senior year of high school. This is the fourth year for the initiative.

Students must be a high school senior and meet the following criteria to be selected as a scholar:

  • Have earned or presently enrolled in 3.0 or more CTE credits with documentation of technical skill attainment.
  • Senior-level status.
  • Have a CTE Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or better in CTE coursework.
  • Civic engagement or outstanding community service with verification letter.
  • Work-place experience. These experiences can include school-based experiences, internships, clinicals, supervised agricultural experiences, community-based or student-led businesses located on or off the school campus. The experiences should reflect the career interests of the candidate and industry expectations. A minimum of 80 hours of experience is expected prior to submission.
  • Career vision summary statement. This is a short reflection of a candidate’s personal career vision and future plans.

Scholars receive a commemorative pin, special certificate, and statewide recognition.

Congratulations, Kaden!